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How to Use Office Design in Building a Brand

So, you’re building a brand, but have you thought about the role of office design in that grand scheme?  You may not realize it, but office design and building a brand actually go hand in hand. According to Brian Brindisi, Design Director at Gensler, a well-defined brand “creates an immersive experience for every person who enters the workplace.” Others say that the main goal of workplace design is to reflect a brand, engage people and build loyalty. In other words, office design and building a brand are really just two sides of the same coin.

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How to Design for Office Noise Reduction

For all the well-deserved popularity of open plan offices, it’s easy to forget about the importance of office noise reduction. After all, who wants to hear other colleagues’ conversations or an incessant hacking cough?

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The Influence of Coworking Office Design on Office Space

Unless you’ve been on another planet – it could happen; Mars is in vogue – you’ve probably heard about the influence of coworking on office design. 

Coworking is one of the fastest-growing workplace movements of the last decade. As wireless technologies have freed workers from their desks, workers have discovered a new form of freedom, which has affected everything from worker expectations to office design. That freedom is called coworking. 

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